Is Your House, A Smart-House?

doorbellTired of having to peep through a small hole at your front door to see who is outside? Gone are the days of “Knock, knock! Who’s there?” when someone is at your front door. Thanks to technology like doorbell cameras and digital peepholes, you don’t need to race from the kitchen to the front door to see who is outside. A doorbell camera makes more sense because it captures a critical passageway for the people you want to see, as well as intruders you want to keep out. It can increase the safety of your home or business. The live video feed, triggered either by motion or by someone ringing the doorbell, will help you decide if you even want to open the door, especially if you weren’t expecting a guest.

You can use an app to show you who is ringing while you are in the backyard, or to tell the delivery guy to leave the package when you’re at work. And even if you don’t have to answer the door frequently, it can offer peace of mind by alerting you if someone is casing the joint. It is also beneficial if you have a large housewhere you may not hear your doorbell ring. These doorbells have built-in high definition camera (1280 x 960 pixels) which streams a live video feed over your Wi-Fi internet connection to the app, reaching you anywhere you have an internet connection.

After all, you can’t be sitting at home 24/7, guarding it against any potential threat. This is why you need the best doorbell cameras to ensure there is nothing to worry about when it comes to keeping your house safe as they can even record suspicious activity around your door and entryway.


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